Monday, February 7, 2011

Pinch Zoom UITableView

We can give pinch zoom feature to UITableView using UIPinchGesture. Below is the subclass of UITableView which can be directly used to enable pinch zoom capability for your table view. Just you need to change the class of UITable in nib as shown below.

Just you need to add "PinchZoomTableView.h" and "PinchZoomTableView.m" to your project. Then change the class from UITableView to PinchZoomTableView in the nib file where UITable is used. You can download the sample project from  Or You can copy paste PinchZoomTableView.h and PinchZoomTableView.m from below.

Please leave comments if this post helped you and also please share the code if you have fixed any bug or improved this code so that it helps others.

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