Saturday, October 8, 2011

Keep Passwords Safe

     Today we live in two worlds. One is real world and other is virtual (internet/cyber/computer) world. Even-though both worlds exists in different space, they are connected, and we can say they are interconnected.
    To make private belongings of a person safe in internet world PASSWORD is the key factor. For email, twitter, Facebook, bank account etc password is the protector. But most people do mistake here. Everyone has difficulty in remembering passwords. So they keep same password for all accounts. Another reason for keeping same password is, most sites use email-id as the login or username. So people think we have to give real password of their email id while creating the account. This we can see practically see in Facebook accounts. While creating Facebook account email-id is taken as login or user name, then it asks for password. People simply type same password of their email id here.

The thing i want to put forward is

  1. Don't use same password for all your accounts
  2. If email-id is asked as login name while creating a account, then don't use the same password of that email id for new account.
  3. Don't use option of remember password in web-browsers (Firefox, chrome)
  4. Use some uppercase letters and numbers in password to make it hard to guess
  5. If you are using public computer use Private browsing option in Firefox and new incognito window in chrome
Safe browsing

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